The hill Květnice

Květnice The nature park at an altitude of 470 metres above sea level is set on the northwest edge of the town Tišnov. Both its peaks with steep hillsides separated by a wide gap are covered with woods; however the old photographs make it evident that the Květnice’s hillsides were not covered with an unbroken cover of woods more than hundred years ago and that there was an extensive steppe and forest steppe in the 1930’s.

The name of the hill Květnice („flowering hill“) already tells about the unique variety of plant species and animals dependent on them found on the hill. This unusual magnitude of species and their populations is caused by the insular position of the hill on the edge between the lowlands called Boskovická brázda and the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, by the rugged profile of the terrain and by its rich geological composition. Students from the Faculty of Science in Brno made an inventory of plants in 1975 which says that there are totally 350 species of higher plants out of which 55 belong to the endangered plant species in the Czech Republic. The symbol of the beauty of plants on the hill Květnice is the thermophilic dogwood growing on the sunny southern slopes. The typical representative of the animals living on the hill is the badger, „co-discoverer“ of the King’s Cave (Králova jeskyně). There were also found 250 species of butterflies, 31 species of slugs, and 46 species of birds. The great eagle owl also flies to this place. With any luck it is possible to watch the stone marten in the rock caves. The greatest faunal importance of the hill Květnice consists in the underground caves and hollows that are the winter quarters for 12 different species of bats and leaf-nosed bats. Therefore the hill Květnice was rightly proclaimed protected nature reserve in 1950 and it was not right to change the status of the hill only to a nature park in 1992 according to the new environmental laws. The flora and fauna on the hill Květnice is described in greater detail on a separate page.

Skála The quartzite rock called Velká skála (Big rock) is a lookout popular with the hikers which enables them to get far views of the surrounding countryside. The hill Květnice is also an important site from the point of view of mineralogy. The underground caves, hollows and gorges attract by their beauties; however they are not open to public and therefore at least look at the pictures on the page dedicated to them.