The lookout tower


In Tišnov and in other towns and cities in the Czech Republic people feel the need to carry on the traditions of their ancestors. On the hill Klucanina at an altitude of 401 metres above sea level there were stone foundations of a former lookout tower. After 1989 there were a few attempts to build the lookout tower again but none of them was successful. Only in 2001 the idea began to be discussed again. A new project of the lookout tower was made which was partially but at the same time inconspicuously inspired by the original tower (especially in its basic form and in its wooden details). In 2002 the construction of the new lookout tower began and the building was inaugurated on 11th October 2003.

Way to the lookout tower

- for hikers: follow the blue sign from Tišnov leading to the top of the hill Klucanina; from there you can see the lookout tower well.

- for car drivers: go trough Tišnov in the direction of Černá Hora (in the direction of the village Železné). Immediately behind Tišnov, park your car on the right-hand side at the parking place in front of the graveyard and from there walk up to the lookout tower. It is strictly forbidden to enter the woods by car – vehicles used this road only during the time of the construction of the lookout tower.

There’s another parking possibility near the restaurant under the hill Klucanina (Restaurace pod Klucaninou) or near the post office Tišnov 3 just at the beginning of the town Tišnov in the direction from the village Hradčany. Then walk into town and go to the hospital, turn right round the hospital and follow the road leading to the lookout tower.

The lookout tower is open to public all the year round.