Town hall

The present day form of the town hall preserving its old 18th century character Radnice dates from 1905 and was made according to the plans of the architect Vladimír Fišer. The romantic historicist style is visible in the interior. The murals on the walls depicting various events from Tišnov’s past are a remarkable work of art. They show the abyss of the convent Porta coeli Barbara Konická of Švábenice giving privileges to Tišnov in 1554. The inscription with the words "The hill Květnice and the brook Besének are more precious than the whole of Moravia" is quite inconspicuously placed at a pickaxe a miner holds in the lower part of a picture symbolizing one of the typical jobs of the Tišnov people: Mining and agriculture. Another mural depicts a very sad Christmas Eve of 1620 when the mercenaries returning from the battle of the White Mountain killed all Tišnov aldermen who came out of the building and wanted to treat them to a meal they prepared. The tombstone of one of the aldermen who was called Jiřík Mydlář is walled in the buttress in the conference hall of the town hall. The eastern side of the building bears the well known inscription: "This house shall last till the end of the world however the Tišnov people will outlive it by four years".