Porta Coeli

In the immediate environs of the town in the village Předklášteří there are the precincts Porta coeli of the convent Porta coeli (Gate of Heaven) which is one of the oldest historic sites in the Czech Republic. Out of the extensive convent premises the most precious part is the Romanesque-Gothic Ascension church from 1233 - 1239 with a cloister and capitular hall with the original stone pulpit that is open to public all the year round. The cloister dating from the period around 1260 is the only intact structure of its kind in Moravia. The Gothic portal with rich decorations on the western front of the convent church represents a unique work of art in Central Europe. Opposite the portal in the Baroque building of the former provostry there is the local branch of the regional museum called -- Podhorácké muzeum. Apart from permanent exhibitions (mineral stones, statues and other objects from demolished buildings are presented in the cloister and the new exhibition of period furniture from the turn of the 20th century), there are also temporary exhibitions held on the museum premises all the year round.