Baroque houses

Baroque houses together with patrician houses from the end of the 19th century and villas from the 1920’s make up the dominant architectural features of the town. Most of the Baroque houses date back to the 17th century, they are built on wide foundations, the typical Baroque house has a wide structure with a mansard roof, gable windows (such as the Baroque houses Humpolka or the Manor House), vaulted ceilings, massive stone walls with a doorway or with the „Maashaus“ (ground floor hall used as a workshop or a shop) All these Baroque houses line the main road passing through Tišnov and they served as wayside inns, they have been refurbished and are in good repair now.


Humpolka Humpolka is a former manor house (the name after one of its owners Jiří Humpolecký of Rybensko) with a wayside The White Lion inn that still serves its original purpose.(situated in the Brněnská street)

The Manor House

Panský dům Originally a wayside inn, the upper hall of which was used for balls, theatre performance and other social events, used as a grocery shop today. (situated on the Komenský square)

John’s house

Dvořáčkův dům The Baroque John’s house has an interesting front and layout, there are fresco fragments of St. Martin and St. George put in oval plaster frames on the house and a commemorative tablet of Jan Dvořáček (1808 - 1865) who was a Czech patriot and deputy at the Bohemian and Moravian Congress and was born in this house. There is a butcher’s shop and a café on the ground floor of this building.(situated in the Dvořáček street)


Perštýn This was the old brewery house with a barber’s shop and inn, later on called The Castle Perštýn inn, the German casino used to be in the house and German plays were staged here. The house is known for its deep and good cellars, today more companies have their seats in the house with The Thumb teashop. (the house is situated in Jungmann street)

The hell house

Peklo Originally this was The Hell wayside inn, the name was derived from the owner from the beginning of the 17th century Šimon Pekelník (= Simon the Devil) who was the mayor of Tišnov since 1616. Later at the beginning of the 18th century the house was ill-famed as a seat of a band of robbers (see the Court books of the town Velká Bíteš). Today there is a shop in the house. (the house is located in Jungmann Street)

The White Rose house

This was originally a wayside inn known as a place where the recruits threw up farewell parties before going to war. Today it is a private house No. 81 in Jungmann street.

The Baroque house Humpolka and John’s house on old pictures:

Humpolka - stará fotografie U Jana - stará fotografie